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“Registration 3.0” geophysical data logging software

The purpose is to control the logging process and visually control the recorded data received from the downhole geophysical equipment; "Registration 3.0" is a heavy-duty software with a full toolset necessary for the geophysicist operator to work with logging recorders and downhole instruments.

Current tasks:

  • testing of logging recorders and downhole instruments
  • providing "field" calibrations before logging
  • control of a downhole instrument (instrument group assembly)
  • logging with display of logging diagrams in real time
  • memorization of the source material in a "black box" (in form of rd-files) and logging results in conventional formats, including LAS, LIS, DLIS
  • viewing and initial editing of the recorded data
  • generating a statement of the recorded data with printing capability


  • interpretation of geophysical data in real time during logging (CBL, sound level meter, Scanning acoustic, Downhole GR-Density Fault Detector, etc.)
  • remote logging monitoring via the cloud service
  • monitoring of logging data using a smartphone via the Internet and over a local network
  • centralized storage of calibration data, and automatic download via the Internet and over a local network
  • support for downloading calibration data and tablets from a centralized storage via the Internet and over a local network
  • support for working with borehole instrument assemblies with any number of units

Registration 3.0 Logging process: