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Autonomous geophysical equipment instruments


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Battery bank and autonomous recorder assembly (BBR)

The purpose is to power supply the downhole units and record data into internal memory of the geophysical equipment of autonomous measuring systems, in autonomous power mode, with further reading out of the recorded data.

Battery bank (BB) and autonomous recorder (AR) assembly is mounted in BBR units of autonomous geophysical systems. Rechargeable batteries or lithium batteries are used as power components, subject to the downhole temperature requirements and continuous recording time. The operating time of the instrument in offline mode depends on the current consumption of the instrument, operating temperature and type of batteries used in the battery bank.

Non-volatile internal storage capacity
4 GB
Operation temperature range
- standard trim
- high temperature trim

+5....+ 120 С
+5....150 С
Battery type
Ni-Mh rechargeable cells
Li-SOCl2 batteries
Battery rated voltage
14.4 - 18 V
Estimated downhole operation time
useful current 250 mA
cell-powered - 30 hours
battery-powered - 90 hours


“GORIZONTAL” interface unit

The purpose: testing, programming and reading out logging data from autonomous recorders, battery bank charging. It is included in the surface equipment of autonomous geophysical measuring systems.

GORIZONTAL interface unit

“GORIZONTAL” interface unit
Control computer interface
USB 2.0
Number of channels for BBR
BBR exchange interface
Output voltage range
9...24 V