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“YASON” depth control system


The purpose is to control and register the parameters of RIH/POOH operations from wellhead logging sensors (depth, speed, magnetic mark).

The system includes a depth sensor, magnetic mark sensor, sensor control panel in various configurations and a shielded communication cable.

Readable magnetic mark polarity
magnetic mark sensor sensitivity, min.
40 A/m
scale factor
100 pulses per revolution
correction factor
open-collector MM, SI+ and SI– signal output, collector current, max.
100 mA
sensor operation temperature range
-40…+50 C
Maximum possible depth indication
9999.99 m
Maximum possible speed indication
10000 m/h
Depth measurement error, max.
0.01 m


50 Hz integral unregulated AC power supply for downhole equipment features:

Output voltage
10-300 V
Maximum output power
300 W
Maximum output current
0.7 А