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The formula for success of the ELICOM Company is reasonable price and a high standard of performance

The Company was established in the 90s by experts from the All-Union Scientific Research Institute "Neftepromgeofizika" in order to manufacture equipment for implementation of the well logging computer technology. The collaborative team work resulted in the first computerized logging station for operation with down-hole wireline logging instrument in Russia and new opportunities were opened in the area of logging data recording and processing.

Nowadays, the Research and Production Company "Elicom" is a leading company for the development and production of geophysical recording systems with heavy-duty software. The Company's activities relate to high-tech technologies and include the development, manufacture, supply, after-sales support of products widely represented on the market of geophysical equipment in the form of portable, local and autonomous log recorders.

The key objectives in the process of equipment development are to ensure the maximum speed of data exchange with downhole equipment, flexibility of work with all existing and newly developed geophysical instruments, ensuring the efficiency of work as part of a geophysical equipment package required for logging. Within the framework of technical support, a wide range of downhole geophysical equipment of our customers is connected, the software has a user-friendly interface and has all necessary features for successful performance of operations.

RPC "Elicom" supplies products to oilfield services companies of the Russian and CIS countries (Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan) geophysical service, companies specializing in ore deposits and cooperates with leading manufacturers of borehole geophysical equipment. The geography of product distribution is wide; the equipment is successfully operated in production. For many a long year, RPC “Elicom” has manufactured more than 2000 pieces of logging recorders, its experts have accumulated rewarding experience in the development and operation, which allows the Company to remain competitive with its high-demand products.

Logging recorder "Vulcan V6" digital is designed to receive information from downhole geophysical instruments and convert it into digital form

The purpose is to control and register the parameters of RIH/POOH operations from wellhead logging sensors (depth, speed, magnetic mark)

The assembly of the battery pack and the autonomous registrar is intended for power management and recording of information received from downhole modules from the composition of autonomous tools.

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