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It has integrated the beginning! 11.08.2015

As part of a business trip to Beijing continued active work on the integration of equipment, instrument-making company Huanding Energy Services (China) with the Registrar of Companies Elicom (RF).

Big ship - great diving 15.10.2014

The exhibition-presentation included the development of NPF Elicom in recording ground systems and telecommunications technology in remote GIS.

There is life in the old dog yet! 09.08.2013

II place in athletics in the Summer Olympics of geologists and geophysicists of Belarus - a victory! Thank OAO NPP "VNIIGIS" for their hospitality, as well as congratulate the team of "Bashneftegeofizika" I place in the overall standings.

Friendship begins with a smile 26.11.2012

In the XVII scientific conference "New opportunities, techniques and technology of geophysical researches of wells", which was held in OAO NPF "Geophysics", the company "Elicom" introduced a new product TransAct (USA) colored termoplottery for logging research Printrex 920 and Printrex 980 for use in stationary conditions.

MIOGE 22.06.2011

Within the framework of the Moscow International Exhibition "OIL & GAS" 2012 "Elicom" demonstrated geophysical information complex "Vulcan", adapted to work with the remote control of the company Geo Sys winch operator (Germany) as part of the logging lift self-propelled PKS-5.

MAGIS-2 31.01.2011

The company "Geophysics" the presentation of the new development of geophysical equipment - apparatus-methodical complex (AMK) "MAGIS-2". Used in AMC adaptive telemetry (setting the communication channel for any type of logging cable), high-speed internal universal interface design documentation for the telemetry unit designed to "Elicom" under the direction of AA Bulgakov - The main ideologist of creating AMK MAGIS-2. Technical director of NPF "Elicom" Gabdrakhmanov IR potential customers acquainted with the program registration Registration 3,0 and told about the new unique features of the software. You can read the detailed report presentation MAGIS-2 here.