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Beijing tale 24.08.2008

About the best Russian geophysical registrar "Vulkan" and the best Russian athletes read and see here.

Starting a new logging program (OS Windows) 14.01.2006

9-14 January in "Geofizservis" (Urai) by specialists of  "Elicom" were carried out to start a new registration program.

35 years NPF Geophysics 23.11.2005

From 16 to 17 November in the company NPF "Geophysics " events were held to mark the 35 - year anniversary . It was a triple celebration:

1 ) The arrival of the firm " Elicom " president Printrex ( USA) and the successful presentation of a color plotter C930 Bulldog


2) Presentation "Vulkan V3" recorder

3) Great party in the new gym NPF "Geophysics

Visit to China 26.08.2005

From 18 to 25 August, 2005 "ELICOM" company specialists visited the geophysical enterprises of the company «Hi Tech» city Pandzhin (province Liao-Ning, China). The purpose of the trip was to introduce WinLog registration package geophysical stations equipped with recorders of "Elicom". Excellent organization and business environment to quickly and successfully solve all the planned questions: has introduced a new program registration, produced training operators to work in it, made the connection to the registrar of new downhole tools. The sides expressed satisfaction with the work done and expressed their intention to expand cooperation. In conclusion, the Chinese side has provided our employees with a cultural program, which allowed to visit the historical monuments and learn about the life of modern China. Our experts recall with gratitude the hospitality and warm welcome extended by the Chinese side.

Vulkan V3 (flameproof construction) 05.12.2004


The development and production testing of the logging recorder V3 VOLCANO , made explosion-proof . Recorder is designed for geophysical studies in mines and underground workings

Running complex GIK1 29.11.2004

The tests took place at the control - calibration №6146k well in difficult weather conditions (temperature 35-40 ° C) . The test results are all alive and well, including equipment and its developers. The work was fruitful , we liked it. Next Monday we will go again!