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15 DMG 13.10.2010

With Mikhail Yurevich Martynov and his remarkable labor collective, "Elicom" bind years of fruitful mutually beneficial cooperation. And we were particularly pleased to be guests of the anniversary celebrations "DMG" in Nizhnevartovsk, to meet our fellow friends geophysical equipment designers from different cities of Russia, to the sounds of classical music and the rebellious folk plunge into the world of the Russian geophysical fraternity, where reigns the sincerity, kindness, honesty and most importantly professionalism!

new opportunities 25.11.2009

The results of the meeting of the top industry experts, "New features, equipment and technologies for geophysical studies of wells" can be viewed here. New developments modular equipment on the cable "AMK MAGIS-2" and autonomous equipment "HORIZONTAL-1", "HORIZONTAL-2", as well as the implementation of on-line monitoring of reservoirs in wells with ESP were made with the direct participation in these projects Engineers Company NPF "Elicom".

Isandr 15.07.2009

All known and currently existing problems of coordination with the cable of geophysical equipment to ensure stable operation of downhole telemetry devices have sunk into oblivion with the new wonder-device NPF Elicom Isandr

MAW 03.05.2009

"Elicom" launched into operation a new software - Metrology automated workstation (MAW) , which enabled fully automated metrology process, structured storage of metrological data in a single database, ensure the transfer of the necessary metrological data in the recording system used in logging and in processing and interpretation of geophysical data, to form opinions on the issue of calibrated equipment, taking into account the requirements of each individual geophysical organization.

Real-time logging monitoring 01.03.2009

In 2009, geophysical organizations using as land recording systems, "Gektor" "Vulkan" "Elicom" offers a new service client-server, implemented in software "Registration 3.0", allowing to carry out logging monitoring in real time with the information obtained saving to remote from wells computers.

I want to thank him 26.08.2008

From 8 to 12 December 2008, representatives of "Elicom" and "VNIIGIS" at the department of geophysical and geochemical methods of search and exploration of the St. Petersburg State Mining Institute, delivered lectures and conducted laboratory work with geophysical information complex "GIK1" on the example of the universal recorder works " Volcano "software" Geophysics Office "and downhole instrumentation" PARUS"," KMV-48 "," VPR "," GK-2 ". Thank Molchanov Anatoly for the warm welcome and interesting informative tour of the Museum of Mineralogy and Geology!